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The Psych-DD listserv is the official open discussion list of the AAIDD Psychology Division and AAIDD Mental Health Services Special Interest Group (MHS SIG). An e-mail discussion list is an e-place ( that you can send a comment to, and it distributes it to every member of the list. You also receive the e-mail that others send to the list. This is a SERVICE of AAIDD, but you DO NOT need to be an AAIDD Member to join this list.


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The Archives contain the past discussions by month, but they can be searched in a variety of ways (e.g., topic, author, etc.). Review past discussions for specific information or to get a "feel" for the nature of the list. The Psych-DD listserv was started in the fall of 1995 through the University of North Dakota, initiated by Joseph J. Plaud, PhD and Paul D. Kolstoe, PhD.


APA I/DD (Div 33) Homepage
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I/DD Division (33) of the American Psychological Association.

Division 33 of the American Psychological Association is an organization of psychologists concerned with research and practice in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities (previously known as mental retardation). The purpose of the Division is to unite in a single professional organization all members of the American Psychological Association who are interested in the psychological and social aspects of developmental disabilities.


Association of Public & Private Developmental Disabilities Administrators (APDDA)
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APDDA Webpage

The Association of Public and Private Developmental Disabilities Administrators (APDDA) is devoted to the support of administrators of public residential programs as well as other individual with interests in the field of mental retardation and other developmental disabilities. The Association supports the continuous improvement of a comprehensive array of individual and accessible services designed to enhance the quality of life for persons with mental retardation and other developmental disabilities.


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The NADD, originally the National Association on Dual Diagnosis (developmental disabilities and mental health needs)

The NADD is a not-for-profit association designed for professional and care providers on behalf of individuals who have developmental disabilities and mental health needs. NADD has been influential in the development of appropriate community based policies, programs and opportunities in addressing the mental health needs of persons with mental retardation.


Behavioral Virtual Community
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Behavioral Virtual Community webpage.

The BVC is the most comprehensive web source for the latest information on the most important technology in support of people with mental retardation and other developmental disabilities. This site is the starting point for a web-ring connecting an extensive array of empirically (fact-based) validated methods of maximizing learning efficiency.


Mental Health Aspects of Developmental Disabilities (no longer operational)

was a peer-reviewed publication on the diagnosis, treatment, and habilitation needs of persons with developmental disabilities. A multidisciplinary journal on clinical practice, research and community supports, it was the first and only journal exclusively devoted to the mental health needs of persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities for over 20 years. MHADD was a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary publication, with four (4) issues per year. The journal covered mental health aspects of diagnosis, treatment and habilitation needs of persons with mental health and developmental disabilities. Although MHADD has ended its publication (March 2009), we remain hopeful that its archives will be accessible through electronic journal storage.

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