This page provides ordering information for BEST-PRACTICE materials and information. Assessment, service and support, treatment, and policy/legal issues are emerging or have achieved the level of Evidence-Based Practices.

As the amount of information collected in each area expands, the underlined headings will have web-linked jumps to pages with the bulleted information.
If blue they are active, if black they are in the planning stages.

Mental Retardation/Mental Health Services Purchasing and Information Sources
IDS Publications ordering source
Dementia Scale for Down Syndrome (DSDS), source of scale for assessing Dementia

Please recommend other purchasing sources for mental retardation/mental health materials.

Behavior Intervention Technology
AnaLog Behavioral Analysis Software download: AnaLog Software for Windows
AnaLog Software Manual EMBEDDED in the program
Program by Kenneth L. Dennis, Ph.D., LP, LMFT: Ken.Dennis@Juno.com
This software is provided as a courtesy. The manual is the software support.

Forensic Issues and Methods for People with Mental Retardation: List of Tools and Resources

  • The ARC US: Justice Related Information
  • Competency Assessment to Stand Trial for people with Mental Retardation - CAST*MR
  • Georgia Assessment for Competency to Stand Trial - GACST
  • MacArthur Study of Competence to Stand Trial - MacCAT-CA

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